October 2021

October 28, 2021 – It is with great disappointment and frustration that we report to you that mediation has failed.
We absolutely disagree with the finding of the mediator’s report, most of which paints the faculty bargaining team as recalcitrant and unreasonable, as well as unwilling to negotiate realistic changes to our Collective Agreement.
Our team’s approach to bargaining is that attempting to negotiate greater changes is possible and necessary.  It is our opinion that it is realistic and appropriate to bargain for all work to be paid work; for partial-load faculty to have that work recognized and appropriately compensated; that evaluation and preparation factors that have not changed in 30+ years need to be adjusted; that mode of delivery affects faculty workload; and that Counsellors, Librarians, Indigenous faculty and faculty from equity-seeking groups deserve fair working conditions now. 
We invite you to read our offer of settlement, along with the mediator’s report, and will set up time to consult with the Local Presidents and Bargaining Advisory Committee as soon as possible.  We also promise to continue to bargain and fight for the improvements you need and deserve.
Please see the Bargaining Update for more details. Attached is the final report of the mediator, along with the offer of settlement tabled during mediation.
Union Offer of Settlement
Final Report of the Mediator

October 29, 2021 – The bargaining team met today with the Local Presidents and Bargaining Advisory Committee.  We discussed the mediator’s report, the faculty team’s offer of settlement, and sought direction on next steps.  The Local leadership was unanimous that they would like the team to continue to bargain.
We have invited the CEC team to meet on Monday, to give both sides a chance to discuss the current state of negotiations after speaking with their principals.  We have also suggested that neither side escalate until after we are able to meet again.