Category: Bargaining

  • Faculty Wage Reopening Update

    Monday, the College faculty bargaining team will be in mediation with the bargaining agent for the Colleges.  This mediation is designed to remedy the harm caused by an unconstitutional law that prevented the 16,000 CAAT-A faculty members from negotiating appropriate wage increases in our recent round of bargaining.  Finally, in Monday’s wage reopening mediation, we will…

  • College Faculty Bulletin – July 2023

    The latest College Faculty Bulletin includes a bargaining update regarding the upcoming wage mediation, along with a breakdown of the many factors that help determine an appropriate wage increase. Click on the link below for the pdf: College Faculty Bulletin – July 2023

  • Bargaining Update – February 10

    We have a few updates related to bargaining. As a reminder, although the new collective agreement (CA) is not yet signed and distributed, Arbitrator William Kaplan’s Award took effect immediately on the date of issue (September 23rd, 2022). This award effects significant changes to the CA (see Since this date, your CAAT-A Bargaining Team has…