Bargaining Update – July 3, 2024


  • Notice to Bargain was served on July 2 by your College Faculty bargaining team to the College Employer Council (CEC)
  • Our first upcoming bargaining dates are on July 15-16, 2024.
  • Training Ontario’s Future: This bargaining round’s theme speaks to our daily work in preparing the future of our communities and our province.
  • We are stronger from a position of unity: all members will have one opportunity to take a strike vote called for by your bargaining team, if needed. A strong mandate to strike, with high participation, is a powerful leverage tool at the bargaining table to fight against concessions and make gains related to our demands.
  • A good offer is one that your bargaining team brings back to you with their recommendation, not an offer forced upon you.

Please read the latest bargaining update here: The Colleges Work Because We Do – Notice to Bargain