Bargaining Survey is Open

The demand-setting process that will shape the upcoming round of Collective Agreement bargaining has begun. This summer, your elected bargaining team will be negotiating the next Collective Agreement, based on demands presented by the Local.

To inform the process of Local Demand-Setting, you are asked to complete the survey by February 2nd. The survey link was sent by OPSEU Local 125 to your personal email.

This is a different survey from the Workload Task Force Survey that was sent to you previously.

This survey is your first chance to communicate your bargaining priorities directly to our Local and the Bargaining Team. It includes many opportunities to provide detailed feedback.

Please read the survey questions carefully because the ranking order changes from question to question.

The survey results will provide our Local with what you deem to be important bargaining demands for the upcoming round of bargaining. These local demands will then be prioritized at our General Membership Meeting on Monday, February 12th (see below for details) and sent to the bargaining team for the final demand set meeting in March 2024. At this meeting, the demands from all 24 locals will be collated and prioritized to inform the proposals the bargaining team will bring to the employer in July of 2024.

The survey covers issues relevant to professors, instructors, librarians, and counsellors — including both full-time and partial-load.

Part-time and sessional faculty are also invited to complete it, since they could easily be hired on (unionized) partial-load contracts by the time that bargaining is underway.

Please do not distribute this link to others. If you know of any of your faculty colleagues who have not received this link, please invite them to provide their contact information to the Local, in order to receive a link.

Bargaining Advisory Committee

Applications are open for the Bargaining Advisory Committee, a group of 38 faculty members who will serve as a resource for the Bargaining Team. While 24 of those members will represent each of the Colleges, individual faculty are invited to apply for one of the 8 spots reserved to represent Partial-Load faculty provincewide, 2 spots to represent counsellors provincewide, 2 spots to represent librarians, and 2 spots to represent instructors.  

Faculty can apply for those positions by January 28th at:  

Workload Taskforce Survey

The Ontario Colleges Workload Taskforce Survey (OPSEU/CEC) was emailed to your personal email on January 18 or 19th, 2024.

If you have not already viewed the survey, please check your inbox for an email from York University. This email includes a unique link to allow you to contribute to this important research. Your answers are strictly confidential.

The survey is open until February 1, 2024 and should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Please take the time to respond to the survey as fully and frankly as you are able. The recommendations of this Taskforce will inform the next round of collective bargaining, and this survey is essential to ensuring the Taskforce’s findings are grounded and meaningful.