Strike Vote Update – December 10

Only 24 hours remain for you to cast your ballot, to authorize the faculty bargaining team to organize work action in response to the CEC’s stated plans to unilaterally impose terms and conditions of employment Monday, December 13.

The vote, which is administered by the Ontario Labour Relations Board, will end on Saturday, December 11 at 3pm. All full-time and partial-load (teaching 7-12 hours weekly) faculty may vote.  

If you have not yet received an e-mail with a PIN for voting from the Ontario Labour Relations Board, we encourage you to check your college email, including the spam folder and/or search your mail for “Ontario Labour Relations Board”.

For additional problems, you may reach the OLRB Help Desk Telephone at (416) 326-7432. The desk’s hours of operation include December 11 (9 a.m. to 10 a.m.).

Faculty who teach at Partial-Load in more than one college may only vote once, even if they receive ballots at each workplace

To review, the changes that the College Employer Council, and therefore the Colleges, claim that they cannot agree to are:

  • Workload improvements 
  • Preparation time for online learning
  • Partial-load job security and seniority improvements
  • No contracting out of counsellor and other faculty work
  • Faculty consent prior to the sale or reuse of faculty course materials
  • Jointly-led committees and round tables that have dispute resolution mechanisms to implement recommendations and/or changes around workload, equity, and Indigenization, decolonization, and Truth and Reconciliation

Our offer to refer all unresolved issues to voluntary binding interest arbitration remains on the table.

The faculty team asks you to support the call to coordinated work action. As promised, we will use a successful strike mandate to engage in a series of escalating work-to-rule actions to put pressure on the administration of each college, not on students.

We encourage you to review faculty’s proposals and background information on your Local’s website (Bargaining 2021), on our YouTube channel, or at

In solidarity,

JP, Jonathan, Katie, Michelle, Ravi, Rebecca, Shawn
The CAAT-A Bargaining Team