Partial Load FAQ – Strike Mandate Vote

This FAQ was prepared by a partial-load member to help other partial-load members.

Does a “yes” strike vote mean we will automatically strike?

No. It means that you don’t agree with the CEC’s offer, which has nothing for partial load in it, and which would make everyone’s working conditions worse.

See 25 November 2021 Presentation for Members for details about how the two sides’ offers compare.

A “yes” vote means you want to give the bargaining team the power to say no and try to keep bargaining.

Work-to-rule is one possible outcome to what is going on now. A strike is another possible outcome.

If we did strike, would it be over holiday break?

No. There isn’t enough time to go through all of the steps of what happens between a strike vote and an actual strike to affect this term or the upcoming break.

How do I pay my bills if we go on strike?

Both Local 125 and OPSEU central have strike funds. As long as you participate in strike action, you will receive a stipend from the union.

In Fall 2017, we finished the last weeks of the term after the strike, so we didn’t lose any pay for that term.

What about my students?

In Fall 2017, many students stood with us. Students ultimately didn’t lose any weeks of instruction, and faculty worked very hard to make sure students received their education.

We aren’t going to get anything out of this, are we?

During the 2017 strike, partial load issues were the main focus. We won the following items:

  • College will endeavour to have contracts to partial-load faculty prior to the start of the term (always useful to know what you’re teaching before the term starts)
  • Mechanisms to move partial-load faculty up the salary grid faster so they are not waiting for years to progress
  • Partial Load Registry for work assignment was created so that partial load now have some protection from precarity
  • Article 2 returned to its previous form – no freeze allowed on our union challenging staffing, which means more jobs for partial load

You keep saying strike. I thought it wasn’t about a strike?

Strike is one possible outcome if the CEC refuses to continue to bargain.

I had many worries before the 2017 strike, went through the process, saw the gains we made, and now know that it’s worth it to stand up.

What are the main issues at stake this time?

Because of Bill 124, we can’t bargain for pay increases. That doesn’t mean that we can’t stand together:

  • to continue to improve our working conditions;
  • to stop the privatization of college education and the outsourcing our jobs to non-union members; and
  • to maintain control of our own academic property, i.e. the material that we all create for our courses

If you are partial load, it’s in your own best interests to vote YES this week.