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Bargaining Update – September 24

The College Employer Council’s Bargaining Team agreed to the process of mediation that was proposed last Friday in the hopes of fostering constructive dialogue between the teams. We are confident that both sides will soon reach agreement on details regarding the process.

When not at the table, the team spent much of the day going through our published proposals in an effort to distill them further and to incorporate feedback that we have received. We look forward to continuing a process of dialogue and compromise, in consultation with a mediator.
Union Presentation

Report on Education

The issues at the current bargaining table arise out of our working conditions / our student learning conditions. This changing context is one that we as professors, instructors, librarians, and counsellors live as we aspire to create and deliver the best quality post-secondary education possible. 

In 2014, the Report on Education reflected on our conditions and the challenges to quality education. We offer you the newly updated 2021 Report on Education, documenting and analyzing the changing landscape of Ontario’s Colleges.
2021 Update on Education in Ontario Colleges

Bargaining CAAT-A News News

Faculty Bargaining Town Hall

September 27, 7:00 PM

We welcome you to join us for a Town Hall to discuss where we are in the bargaining process.

Register in advance for this webinar:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. Registration in advance is necessary because each attendee will receive a unique link.

You can also submit questions for the Town Hall and comments in advance to:

Bargaining CAAT-A News News

Bargaining Update – September 23

The faculty team invited the CEC team to the table today to clarify the status of bargaining, respond to their correspondence regarding mediation, and to propose additional dates. Please see the attached Bargaining Update. The union’s presentation and letter to JP are attached below.
Union Presentation
Letter to JP – Response to Mediation

Bargaining CAAT-A News News

Bargaining Update – September 22

Attached please find the bargaining team’s reply to the CEC’s questions regarding our proposal for pre-conciliation mediation.  Due to internal delays beyond the team’s control, we were unable to send this yesterday. We did note the CEC’s update and their concern about a delay, and wanted to assure our members that the team is absolutely committed to continued and timely discussions in our remaining days this week.  We look forward to meeting with the CEC team tomorrow.
CEC Mediation Reply

Bargaining CAAT-A News News

Bargaining Update – September 21

The CAAT-A Bargaining Team met with Local Presidents and the Bargaining Advisory Committee on Monday, September 20, to review the College Employer Council team’s offer of settlement, tabled last Friday.

Below is a summary chart of the CEC team’s current offer of settlement, along with a detailed explanation of why the faculty team, after consultation with the Local Presidents and Bargaining Advisory Committee, cannot recommend the offer to members.  Simply put, the CEC offer does not address faculty’s demands, nor does it reflect the changes that are immediately needed in the system.
CEC Settlement Offer (Sept. 15, 2021) Summary

Below, we have included a separate summary of the faculty team’s proposals to address the demands of Partial-Load faculty, as well as what the CEC’s offer includes.  
Partial-Load Demands

Bargaining CAAT-A News News

Bargaining Update – September 17

The faculty and employer teams met today to discuss the additional proposals and an offer of settlement tabled by the College Employer Council on Wednesday at 4pm. Please see the attached Bargaining Update. College proposals and the bargaining team’s presentation and comments are attached below.
Union Presentation
College Proposal – Housekeeping Amendments
Faculty Bargaining Team Comments on M10a
Faculty Bargaining Team Comments on M10b
College Proposal – Monetary Proposal
Faculty Notes on CEC’s Settlement Proposal

Bargaining CAAT-A News News

Bargaining Update – September 14

The bargaining teams met again today. The CEC team introduced counter-proposals [see attached] on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, as well as a proposal on “Truth and Reconciliation.” The faculty bargaining team is reviewing these proposals and will provide responses.
College Proposal – Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
College Proposal – Truth and Reconciliation

Bargaining CAAT-A News News

Bargaining Update – September 10

The team met with the College Employer Council team today and completed this week’s bargaining. There are eight scheduled bargaining dates remaining before our Collective Agreement expires.

With less than three weeks left until our Collective Agreement expires, the employer’s bargaining team has yet to table language around several of the changes that they have indicated they wish to make to our Collective Agreement, or what they have called “areas of concern”.  In addition, they have not presented counter-proposals on the majority of key faculty demands, and have simply dismissed several others.  

Today, the employer team proposed language on respectful workplaces, dates for union release time, and the assignment of coordinator duties.  They did not address faculty concerns around structural changes in relation to harassment and discrimination, and dismissed the need for joint union-employer committee work to be recorded on SWFs.  In addition, the employer team continued in their questioning of the legitimacy of faculty demands rather than dealing with the substance of these concerns.

We are particularly disappointed that the employer has not yet provided any response to our proposals for gains for Partial-Load faculty, except to deny outright the need to create minimum staffing ratios of full-time to non-full-time faculty.  Our other partial-load proposals include:

  • Establishing a priority for the colleges to hire partial-load over other contract faculty categories
  • Meaningful workload measurements (as opposed to paying PL faculty the same amount regardless of the number of students in their classes)
  • Language to ensure equity in Partial-Load faculty workloads
  • Transparency in the Partial-Load registry along with improved job security 

Faculty have sent the team to the bargaining table with a clear vision for a better future for Ontario colleges and students.  The team developed a plan to make that vision a reality.  We have demonstrated the need for change and provided specific language to address it.  It is past time for the CEC team to do the same.

Please see attached presentations and proposals.
Management Response – Joint Committee Work, Outside Work and Coordinators Proposals
College Proposal – Harassment and Discrimination Amendment
College Proposal – Union Release Time
College Proposal – Assignment of Coordinator Duties

Bargaining CAAT-A News News

Bargaining Update – September 9

Today, we met with the employer and received their Article 2 Staffing proposal.  The employer proposes to suspend the union’s ability to rely on staffing data during the pandemic for staffing grievances going forward.  

We also received their responses to a number of our proposals from August, and the assurance that they would have further responses for us tomorrow and next week.

We presented a counter-proposal on the counsellor class definition, incorporating feedback from our consultation with counsellors across the province.  Our counter-proposal also addresses some of the concerns that the management team raised concerning our original proposal.

Finally, we responded to a series of the CEC team’s troubling assertions around key faculty issues, their lack of any significant proposals or counter-proposals to address their stated areas of concern, and reaffirmed our commitment to bargain a fair settlement that satisfactorily addresses the changes faculty need now.

The detailed presentations and proposals communicated today by both teams are attached below.  Stay tuned for a further update tomorrow.
Union Presentation
Union Response – Counsellor Class Definition
Management Response – Class Definitions and Staffing Proposals
College Proposal – Pandemic Impact on Staffing

Bargaining CAAT-A News News

Negotiations Bulletin – August 26

The latest Negotiations Bulletin from the bargaining team can be found here and has been posted on the Bargaining 2021 page.

The bulletin offers a recap of our most recent three days of bargaining, including the College Employer Council’s disappointing proposal for a workload task force, as well as its response to the Union’s proposals around equity and the Counsellor class definitions.

The bulletin also highlights areas (of both the Collective Agreement and the Colleges) that we believe may be targeted for concessions by the Employer’s bargaining team in upcoming bargaining dates. These areas include but are not limited to fundamental notions of the teaching day and the academic year.

The bulletin also includes a current snapshot of the massive financial surpluses reported by colleges throughout the system.