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College Faculty Bargaining

The first College Faculty Bulletin for this round of bargaining can be found here. It contains an insightful reflection about our last round of bargaining and what challenges we’ll face negotiating during a pandemic.  It also includes short bios on our bargaining team members and a timeline of the upcoming milestones in our bargaining cycle.

A survey will be sent to all members in early January to help identify common issues throughout the province.  Please complete this survey when you receive it since the results are compiled and sent to the bargaining team.  We will send out reminders when the survey is available.

Our Local will be having a General Membership Meeting on Wednesday, February 17 from 6:30 to 8:30.  Please plan to attend this meeting since it will include our local demand-setting where faculty will have the chance to suggest and vote on specific changes to the collective agreement.  This is your opportunity to make proposals for how to improve working conditions in the colleges.  We will also be reviewing and voting on our Local’s 2021 budget.

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Winter 2021 SWF

Full-time faculty will be receiving their Winter 2021 SWF next week.  Your SWF needs to accurately reflect your workload.  If you have any questions about your SWF, please email and one of us will be happy to chat with you to address your concerns, provide clarification, and discuss resolution options.  If your SWF does not accurately reflect your workload, please select “PROPOSED WORKLOAD REFERRED TO COLLEGE WORKLOAD MONITORING GROUP” which will alert the Workload Monitoring Group and one of our officers will be in touch with you.

You can find more SWF information here.

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Partial Load Registry

This is a message for partial load faculty. If you are full time faculty and know a faculty member that will need to register then please forward this message to them.

Final reminder to register for the Partial Load Registry by the October 30th deadline.

In accordance with Article 26.10 D of the Academic Collective Agreement, the Registry will close at the end of the day on October 30, 2020 so that “by October 30th in each calendar year, a currently or previously employed partial-load employee must register their interest in being employed as a partial-load employee in the following calendar year. This individual will be considered a registered partial-load employee for the purpose of 26.10 E”.

Please refer to Article 26.10 of the Academic Collective Agreement for complete information regarding the Partial-Load Registry.

The Registry can be found on the website under “About Us” then “Employment at Lambton”, or at this link:

Changes have been made this year so that you will receive an e-mail notification upon successful registration on the list under each Academic School. If you teach in more than one School, you will need to register in each School. If you are unable to access the Partial Load Registry due to an inactive employee number then please email to request temporary access.