OPSEU Local 125 is the Faculty Union at Lambton College, representing full time and partial load faculty, counsellors, and librarians.  We have a roster of stewards who are available in the workplace to answer your questions or refer you to one of the officers for additional help. Our local is part of the CAAT-A division of OPSEU (Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology – Academic). The CAAT-S group represents support staff at Ontario colleges.

Your union negotiates a collective agreement on your behalf, and assists you in resolving issues you may have in the workplace. These include workload, health and safety, equity, and benefits.

If you are a new member and would like more information, click here.

Please contact us whenever you have questions about workload, salary, benefits, health & safety, or other contract and labour-relations matters. Our contact page can be found here.


School of Business & International Education

  • Michelle Arbour (Business)
  • Anthony Iafrate (Liberal Studies)
  • Brad Swales (Liberal Studies)

School of Health Sciences, Community Services & Creative Design

  • Shelly Ikert (Nursing)
  • Kelly Ould (Massage Therapy)
  • Liz Seabrook (Nursing)
  • Kelly Wilson (SSW)

School of Technology, Trades & Fire Science

  • Steve Knight (Fire Science)
  • Ed Schleihauf (Apprenticeship & Trades)
  • Alan Warren (Mathematics & Physics)
  • Candace Young (Mathematics & Physics)


President – Michelle Arbour
Vice President – Candace Young
Treasurer – Alan Warren
Secretary – Shelly Ikert
Chief Steward – Anthony Iafrate


College Advisory Council

  • Denise Richard
  • Kelly Wilson
  • Kerri Finnigan
  • Connie Beck
  • Jessica Brand
  • Chuck Ewart
  • Steve Knight

College Employment Stability Committee (Academic)

  • Anthony Iafrate
  • Michelle Arbour

College Workload Monitoring Group

  • Michelle Arbour
  • Candace Young
  • Kelly Ould

Faculty Performance Review Committee

  • Barb Dobson
  • Carolyn Vandersluis
  • Khaled Nigim
  • Anthony Iafrate

Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee – Main Campus

  • Connie Beck
  • Khaled Nigim
  • Shirley Osterman
  • Anthony Iafrate

Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee – Fire School Campus

  • William Davidson

Professional Development Committee (Faculty)

  • Rachel Elliott
  • Greg Shortt
  • Shae Stanbra
  • Kelly Hill
  • Ken Graham
  • Connie Beck
  • Lori Brush

Quality Assurance Council

  • Carol Banks
  • Alan Warren
  • Anthony Iafrate
  • Liz Seabrook

Union/College Committee (Academic)

  • Michelle Arbour
  • Anthony Iafrate
  • Candace Young


  • Bernd Kaiser
  • Chuck Ewart